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 Take Precautions

Minimize Hiding Spots

Now that you know how they get in, take precautions in case they try to come back. Here are a few ways you can minimize potential bed bug hiding spots:
  • Caulk cracks along molding and baseboards.
  • Seal up holes in areas where pipes or wires go through the wall.
  • Reduce bedroom clutter, especially near the bed.

Defend Yourself

There are products already available that are designed to guard you from bed bugs.
  • Bed Bug Barrier Tape. Barrier tape has a slippery surface that bed bugs can’t crawl up when placed vertically. By sticking it on bed legs and headboards, you can stop them from interrupting your night of sleep.
  • Portable Luggage Heater. Portable heating units are a simple, safe way to make sure you don’t bring bed bugs home from vacation.
  • Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners. Steam kills bed bugs and their eggs on contact, which makes dry vapor steamers perfect for the household cleansing of mattresses, bed frames, pillows, box springs, chairs, headboards, and wall boards.
  • Bed Bug Traps. Bed bug interceptors can catch the critters when they try to climb up your bed posts. They can also give clues as to which direction they’re coming from.
Contact your local pest control service for more information on where you can pick up these and other bed bug supplies.