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Bed Bugs At Hotels

How to Check For and Avoid Bed Bugs in Hotels

When staying at a hotel, follow these tips to help avoid bugs:

  • 1
    Before booking a hotel, check out reviews by travelers to see if bed bugs have been reported there.

  • 2
    Bring a small flashlight for inspecting your hotel room.

  • 3
    Keep your suitcase off of the floor and furniture by placing it on the bathtub ledge. Be wary of using the luggage rack because bed bugs can hide in the legs if they’re hollow.

  • 4
    Store your luggage in large garbage bags to prevent bed bugs from getting in.

  • 5
    Peel back the bed sheets and check the mattress, especially around the seams, tag, and plastic corners.

  • 6
    Check in and underneath the drawers of the nightstand. They’ll usually be hiding in areas that are dark.

  • 7
    If you see powder in the drawers or on the headboard, it’s likely the room has been treated for bed bugs already.

Uh-oh. They’re Here.

If you discover bed bugs or traces of them, inform the manager immediately and request a new room. Remember, bed bugs may be in other parts of the hotel as well, so it would be best to move to a different hotel altogether.

Avoid Bringing Them Home

Even if you are not sure if you are carrying bed bugs, take these simple steps to ensure you don't bring an infestation back home.

  • Double-check your luggage before you leave.
  • Once home, quickly unpack your luggage in a garage or utility room.
  • If you suspect your clothes are infected, put them into XL ziplock bags before bringing them into your home.
  • Wash clothes in hot water (at least 120F°) and/or place them in the dryer on medium to high heat for at least 20 minutes.
  • Spray your luggage with RID Home Lice, Bed Bug & Dust Mite Spray.
How to avoid bed bugs in hotels