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If you believe you have experienced a side-effect associated with the use of our product, you should contact a healthcare professional
and then contact us either by telephone at the number shown or by completing the form below. If you believe you have observed
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Phone: 800-743-5423

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If this is a medical emergency, contact your doctor
or call 911.

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Consumer Health
Attn: Consumer Relations
P.O. Box 4319
Scranton, PA 18505

By Telephone

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A&D®   800-317-2165
Afrin®   800-317-2165
Aleve®   800-395-0689
Aleve® Direct Therapy® TENS DEVICE   800-395-0689
Aleve® PM   800-395-0689
Aleve-D®   800-986-0369
Alka-Seltzer®   800-986-0369
Alka-Seltzer Plus®   800-986-0369
Bain De Soleil®   866-288-3330
Bayer® Aspirin   800-331-4536
Bayer® Pro Ultra Omega-3   800-331-4536
Berocca®   800-800-4793
Campho-Phenique®   800-986-0369
Chlor-Trimeton®   800-317-2165
Citracal®   866-511-9328
ClariSpray®   866-511-9330
Claritin®   800-252-7484 (800-CLARITIN)
Coppertone®   866-288-3330
Coricidin® HBP   800-317-2165
Correctol®   800-317-2165
Dr. Scholl's®   866-360-3226
DuoFilm®   800-317-2165
Flintstones   800-800-4793
hydraSense®   800-317-2165
Lotrimin®   866-360-3226
Mexsana® Powder   800-317-2165
Midol®   800-331-4536
MiraFIBER   800-647-2529
MiraLAX®   800-647-2529 (800-MiraLAX)
One A Day®   800-800-4793
Oxytrol® for Women   888-699-8765 (888-OXYTROL)
Phillips'®   800-986-0369
RID®   800-743-5423 (800-RID-LICE)
Rid® Bed Bugs   800-743-5423
Solarcaine®   866-288-3330
Tinactin®   866-360-3226
TruBiotics®   800-353-3343
TruHeart®   800-353-3343
TruNatal   800-353-3343
Zegerid OTC®   888-493-4682 (888-4-ZEG-OTC)